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March Means Maple

The sap also rises at Keith Armstrong’s Pownal Farm February 28, 2023 “I’ve been knocked down before. I said, ‘Guys, we’re going to get back up and make it better.’”

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It’s August in Bennington!

Time for farm-stand sweet corn, lakeside picnics – and events! Lots of them, showing off the best of Bennington all month long. Summer Homebrew Festival August 1, 2022 Last month

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Park McCullough House concerts in North Bennington.

In Bennington, Summer Means Music

When did Bennington get so musical? The truth is, the Town has always had a robust musical culture, from local bands and troubadours to a community symphony orchestra.

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September is Lively in Bennington

Even in a Certain Cemetery August 30, 2021 We’ve told you once (see last month’s post) and we’re telling you twice, Garlic Town USA is coming to town on Saturday,

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Eventful Days Ahead!

There’s a lot going on in Bennington this summer! Here are some of the town’s coolest events for August through Labor Day weekend.

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vermont maple syrup pancakes

Vermont Maple Weekend

In late March, more than 100 Vermont maple producers take part in a weekend festival that celebrates maple syrup. The weekend event including nearly a dozen Bennington County sugar makers. Come for family fun, tasty maple treats. sugar house tours and sugar-on-snow.

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